Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A letter to my son on his first birthday

Dear Quentin,

Your first birthday is fast approaching and you're becoming such an amazing little person. In honor of your first year, I thought I'd make a list of the things I wish for you:

I wish that you'll find beauty and humor in what can sometimes be a scary, confusing world. I hope that when you feel self-doubt, anger, and anxiety creeping into your life, you'll find solace in faith in something bigger than yourself, whatever you decide to believe.

I want you to respect yourself, and treat yourself kindly. I hope that you will not allow an overly critical inner voice to abuse you so badly that you feel the need to use drugs or alcohol to dull the pain.

I want you to respect your body for the amazing things it allows you to do, and not base your self worth on some arbitrary ideal of physical beauty.

I hope you will know that perfection is not required of you, but giving your all is, even if less than your best will be enough for success. I hope you will always give 100% even when you don't have to.

I hope you will grow up to respect women and their bodies. Women are the creators and nurturers of life, not objects for your amusement. I hope you will make sure every girl in your life knows she is valued for more than her appearance.

I hope that you will feel that standing up for those weaker than you will bring you more fulfillment than looking out for number one ever could.

I hope you will forgive your parents for being less than perfect. I know we aren't always the best examples of what a grownup should be. I hope you will not hold it against us and rise above it anyway.

I hope that you won't let fear of failure, or the pressure of success get in the way of your dreams. I hope that whatever you do, you want to make the world a better place.

I hope you will know that you are always loved, treasured, and valued beyond compare. I hope you will know that the world is lucky to have you in it.

Happy birthday, my sweet boy.

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